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Mega Money Multiplier – A New Slots Game

Online gambling is an extremely dynamic and vibrant activity that constantly evolves, which means that new slot games games and promotions pop up all over the internet on a regular basis.

New additions to the gambling world is something that should be celebrated, but many players are hesitant about placing real money bets on the reels of games they are not familiar with.

This is why players are advised to educate themselves on all the newest games that might change their gambling experience for the better.

If you ever get tired of the games you usually play and you want to find some new casino games to spend your time with, you should check out the Mega Money Multiplier slots game that can be found at the prestigious Euro Palace casino.

Mega Money Multiplier Slots Game Basic Info

Mega Money Multiplier is a 3-reel slot game with a certain charm that might pique your interest. Even though 3-reel games seem to be a bit old-fashioned and outdated, this game manages to combine some modern elements with a classic vibe that you won’t be able to resist.

The old-school vibe this game emits comes from the stylish design and the elegant setting, while the bonus features give this game the special edge that makes Mega Money Multiplier more appealing to the masses.

This game has 9 available paylines on which you can place bets that go up to 320,500 coins. You can always manage your bets by changing the coin size you use or the number of coins you bet on, but you should always remember that the higher your bet is, the bigger your chances of making an actual profit while you gamble.

The symbols that appear on the reels of the game also fit the classic atmosphere, as you will encounter “BAR” icons and a variety of “7” symbols that will make up the winning combinations.

Special Features and Bonuses

As in most slot games, Mega Money Multiplier features a wild symbol that acts both as a substitution for other symbols and as the trigger of the re-spin bonus round.

Every winning combination that includes the wild will be multiplied by the value of the wild symbol itself. Every round, you can multiply your wins by up to 10 times!

If you get at least two wild multipliers on the center reel, the re-spin feature will be triggered. During this bonus round, the central reel will stay locked while the other two reels will spin. This feature can award you with amazing cash prizes, so keep your fingers crossed in the hopes of triggering it over and over again.

In Conclusion

Mega Money Multiplier is a new casino game that interlaces the old with the new in a unique way, so if you are looking for a new slots game that will excite you – give this game a try!