Castle Builder II slot game review

Designed by Rabcat and distributed by Microgaming, Castle Builder II is a fantastic video slot and a fitting sequel to the original Castle Builder slot. As opposed to the first game whereby you could complete your castle building fairly quickly and build up your kingdom, the sequel features a number of different characters, 15 kingdoms to conquer and 70 castles that need building. The game was launched at Euro Palace Casino last month and it is safe to say I am most definitely addicted. All I want to do is finish the game and build as many castles as I can.


Castle Builder II is a 5 reel and 15 payline video slot with a low/medium slot volatility and a coin range of between 0.01 to 2.00. In the first game, you will be asked to choose between 3 different avatars.


  • Sam is the master builder, there are no additional bonus games but you will build castles faster.
  • Mandy has the charm card, is not as quick at building castles but offers free spins bonuses.
  • Igor is a master builder and a wild card and offers expanded wilds.

Igor needs to be unlocked by building all the castles or completing the game with Sam or Mandy.



The aim of the game is to build as many castles as you can whilst you travel through the kingdom. In each kingdom, there are 3 to 4 castles that must be built by collecting the building materials needed to create your castle.

A castle takes between 6 to 12 blocks to complete. As you progress in the game you will receive better equipment and a speedier building process.

The game is innovative and fun as you make your way around the map deciding where you would like to build the next castle in your kingdom.



Once you are done building all of your castles on the map, it is time to begin collecting cups. The bronze cup is the first one awarded. After this, you should aim to collect the silver, gold and diamond cups.

Not only do the value of the cups increase, but so do the prizes. As you make your way up the challenge, your RTP will increase from an RTP of 95.5% to an RTP of 97.75%.


After every castle you complete, there is a quick ‘Click Me’ bonus game. Here you will need to select the best possible suitor for your princess, the better the match the more money you win so pick wisely.


Does Castle Builder II live up to the name?

I was a big fan of the original Castle Builder video slot. I loved the innovative gameplay, watching my castles being built and growing my kingdom. The sequel, however, is even better. There are more opportunities to collect achievements there are more features to unlock and even bigger wins.

Castle Builder II is a wonderful synthesis of a social game and a video slot game where colourful characters help you build your castles in the sky and win some real payouts in the process.