Progressive Games Give Lucky Players Millions of Dollars

Progressive games have enduring popularity amongst casino gamers all over the world. Every spin is fraught with anticipation. The jackpots grow fast because they are connected to the vast network of Microgaming casinos and players worldwide. Every time a player makes a bet toward winning the progressive jackpot, anywhere in the world, the jackpot ticks up slightly. Magnify that by possibly millions of players over the course of each jackpot’s run and it’s no wonder the mega progressive jackpots reach into the many millions of dollars. Many gamers say that part of the excitement of playing for the big pot of gold in progressive games at Euro Palace is watching the jackpot report grow faster and faster!

Euro Palace Casino has 16 progressive games to choose from. Most players at Euro Palace try their luck at all of them because they are all fun to play in their own right and you never know when lady luck will shine upon you! Most of the progressive games at Euro Palace online casino are for slots; there are also a handful of poker, blackjack, and roulette progressive games.

Progressive games are fun to play even if you don’t play for the big jackpot. The jackpot in Microgaming’s fabulous Mega Moolah always resets at $1,000,000 whenever someone wins it! There are actually two Mega Moolah games and both are featured at Euro Palace casino. They share the jackpot. The reason there are two games with the same name is that the imagination behind these super fun slots games required two games!


Another great game that has a massive following at Euro Palace online casino is Caribbean Draw Poker. To qualify for the jackpot, you make a small side bet. A lot of gamers play the game just for the intellectual challenge of defeating the dealer, that is, the house! With correct play, it’s possible to win a lot more often than you lose at this exciting poker game.

Euro Palace Casino also has a number of progressive games on their mobile casino. It’s interesting that mobile gaming has become so popular just in the last few years. Aside from the obvious convenience of having the casino “in your pocket” the advanced graphics, animation, and sound available on mobile make the games all the more fun and exciting to play. The progressive games have such excellent graphics, animation, and sound that many players gravitate to them on mobile even if they’re not going for the jackpot!

There is an unlimited upside to the size of the jackpot in progressive games. Still, most jackpots get won before they reach the stratosphere! Anytime you want to, you can access the present value of each progressive jackpot offered at Euro Palace. Progressive jackpot games truly combine the two basic elements that attract so many to online casinos: great fun and the chance to win really big!