Game of Thrones Online Slot

This December you will be able to get your Game of Thrones fix right here at Euro Palace Casino, hen we launch the Game of Thrones™ Online Slot. What makes it even better is that you will win money whilst getting your fix, yip just like that enjoy your favourite show and win money.

The Game of Thrones Online Slot has been created by Microgaming and players will be able to enjoy the game at either the Euro Palace Online Casino or mobile casino.

What to expect from the Game of Thrones Slot game

The game has a simple look and feel the reels are filled with symbols that represent the House Sigils, there are 5 reels and players can either play a 243 ways to win game or a 15 payline version of the game. The usual bonuses can be found like the wild symbol and scatter symbol and these offer nice jackpots in the base game, another great benefit is that the wild symbols are stacked across all reels of the game.


Gamble Feature

As with many slot game the Game of Thrones slot has a gamble feature, this feature really has a Game of Thrones look and feel. Players will get to travel the map of Westeros and unlock different areas, each area unlocked will increase the amount earned on a gamble. The gamble will be an old school coin toss with what looks to be an ancient coin, players will only win if they guess the result correctly.


Free Spins Bonus

Another twist in the game is the Free Spins Bonus, here players can choose between 4 different bonus options each aptly named after a Game of Thrones House. Each house will offer players a different amount of spins and a different value multiplier for wins, so players will need to decide if they want more spins or a higher multiplier.

8 Free Spins with a x5 Multiplier – House Baratheon
10 Free Spins with a x4 Multiplier – House Lannister
14 Free Spins with a x3 Multiplier – House Stark
18 Free Spins with a x2 Multiplier – House Targaryen


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